7 Signs Your Marriage Won’t Work, According to Divorce Lawyers

by Amy Saunders

By Jen Glantz of Woman’s Day Magazine Images courtesy of GETTY Images While there are obvious indicators a marriage is headed for the trenches — infidelity and irreconcilable differences — there are other, less noticeable problems that can chip away at a relationship over the long run. Divorce lawyers hear it and see it all, oftentimes […]


When Parents Divorce, the Children Get the House

by Hanson & Saunders

By NINA SOVICH (Wall Street Journal) A common Sunday night ritual for children whose parents are divorced is packing up the schoolbooks and soccer cleats for the weekly trek to mom or dad’s house. In a flip, some divorced couples are trying an approach they call nesting: Mom and Dad shuttle back and forth while […]

Nesting and Divorce? It is for the birds.

by Amy Saunders

Nesting and Divorce?  It is for the birds. Recently, I have been seeing more “nesting” arrangements popping up in courts and by agreement of the parties.  Essentially, the house is the “nest” and the divorcing couple rotates in and out of the house. So for example, week one the Wife is in the marital home […]