"Amy sure knows what she is doing she has never steered me wrong and my cases always came up on top thank you for your hard work"
Posted by a divorce client, Oliver
"I truly believe Amy obtained the best results possible for me. My case involved a long separation and a large sum of money, among other factors. Even the judge admitted it was a complex divorce and if it went to trial it could go either way. Amy made it go my way. She expertly weighed all the variables and quickly came up with a strategy that convinced me was the way to go. With my approval, she stuck to that plan and wouldn't give in forcing the other side to. I couldn't be happier and Amy is one of the nicest professional people that you could meet"
Posted by a divorce client, William
"Amy got the job done! Guided me and explained things when I needed it! She was understanding and compassionate to the sensitivity of the situation but continued to help me push through! I'm glad she was in my side and can now call her a friend!"
Posted by a divorce client, Elizabeth
"It was apparent immediately that Amy knew her stuff. She took me through the process step by step and her ability to get things moving quickly was amazing. I left the process feeling like I got the best possible settlement. Fees were very reasonable as well. I would recommend Amy to anyone who is looking for a competent divorce attorney who is passionate about getting the best for her client."
Posted by a divorce client
"I don't know where my gratitude should begin. So I guess I'll simply say Amy is an amazing attorney. She helped me walk through an emotional divorce and made sure I kept my head high. The knowledge that she has combined with the strength that she offered, allowed me to tolerate the intolerable. She was my reason and voice when dealing with my ex as well as the court. I was extremely emotional, confused, anxiety ridden and wasn't sure what the first step was as I knew NOTHING about divorce. Amy was wonderful, understanding, patient and walked me from beginning to end. I put all my trust in her and I'm so glad I had her by my side. Thank you."
Posted by a divorce client, Alicia
"Amy Saunders and her team are outstanding. Amy truly invests in her clients and genuinely cares -- which makes all of the difference in the success of the case. Due to the complexity of my case, I was not expecting a great outcome -- but she went far above and beyond and I could not be any happier."
Posted by a divorce client, Ethan
"Amy Hanson-Saunders helped me weed through the documentation requirements for my divorce. Her expertise and personality made the overwhelming task much easier to deal with, and the whole packet was complete within a few hours. I dropped the paperwork to the court myself, and the clerk commented on how thorough and well organized the documents were. Honest! None of it was contested, nothing more was asked for, the divorce went through without a hiccup. I am very grateful to this firm."
Posted by a divorce client, Teresa
"I can't even say enough great words about Amy and her practice. She is an amazing attorney and she will fight for you for every little thing you are concerned about and until the last minute if she has to, and for every little penny that should be yours! She has amazing eye for financial detail and a great soul for a client in pain. My case was a very difficult one since ex husband was really hard to deal with and she did amazing knowing the amount of stress that was in the game. Great communication, follow up and follow through skills! She is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with and I did a lot of research when I started looking into divorce! She won't disappoint you!"
Posted by a divorce client, Andreea
"After trying to litigate and negotiate my own divorce, with limited legal assistance, for over a year and a half, I realized I needed the full assistance of an attorney. I found Attorney Saunders on the AVVO website and retained her services after reading the reviews. Not only was Amy willing to move forward with my case in a short period of time, she took the time to review all that I had submitted and discussed my preferred results. She was successful in negotiating an agreement with outcomes that are the best interest of my family and facilitated an avenue for both parties to have a resolution. In the end, Amy demonstrated an ability to expedite an amenable separation/divorce agreement through an arduous Massachusetts legal system with dignity. Additionally, the fee for service was in line with what she quoted and she discussed options before spending time on frivolous subpoenas, meetings or phone calls to add billable hours. I have and will continue to recommend Attorney Saunders to those who are looking for respectable legal services to assist with dealing with family issues."
Posted by a divorce client, Jennifer
"Impressed with her practical knowledge of the law and her ability to achieve results. Clearly great at sorting facts that can be used to win points of law. Has very strong court skills and able to set agenda to communicate key facts that effect a positive outcome. Her style seems aloof at times but always is in control and focused on goal."
Posted by a divorce client, John
"I would highly reccomend Amy Saunders... She is an amazing lawyer who got me what I rightfully deserved"
Posted by a divorce client, Natalie
"There is not enough space to describe how excellent of a lawyer Amy is. She is professional but she provides a feeling of friendship to her clients. Most divorce lawyers can get a bad rep but Amy always cared about my input and me as a person. She will always have what's best for your situation in mind and leave no stone unturned to make sure that you are well represented. I can't say enough complimentary things about her and she is worth every single penny. I would, without a second thought, employee her services again if I needed it."
Posted by a divorce client, Mike
"Amy was not only successful in my divorce and custody battle -- she was compassionate and took the time to call me and keep my spirits lifted when I was down. Divorce is a difficult thing to do, but Amy makes it so much easier -- because she genuinely cares. She gives you the confidence to keep going. After all is said and done, I am very glad I divorced -- life has been so much better ... and the best part is that Amy still keeps in touch. She is just a great human being and the best family lawyer I have ever worked with."
Posted by a divorce client, Sam
"Amy provided excellent legal consult to me during my very emotional separation and divorce which involved a Restraining order and pending harassment charges against my ex. Three children were involved and many details had to be tended too. She is smart, savy, and compassionate. Believe me I was glad to have Amy on my side. I highly recommend Amy Saunders!!!!"
Posted by a divorce client, Lisa
"My son started the process of a divorce and needed an attorney who would protect his rights. Through research my wife found Amy Saunders and my son asked her to represent him in the divorce process. Over the ensuing months and scheduled date Amy was thorough and made sure my son was informed and up-to-date on all events and the consequences of those events. My son was able to get through the process and was extremely happy with the outcome of this process."
Posted by a divorce client, Neil